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Combobox in view mode with many selected items or long text

Hello MS team,


When I used a combobox to show a lookup from Sharepoint, if it had many items selected but there was no way to scroll through or automatically adjust the height so that all the items are able to be seen. In Edit mode, you can select the drop down and view each item selected but do not have that option in View mode.


Combobox View mode could have an option for scrolling, auto-height, swiping, overflow, hidden, or keep it similar to the drop-down style in edit mode.


Thanks for all your hard work!

Cat Very Happy

Status: Completed

When a combo-box has multiple items selected it will:

  • If single line it will show a "MORE" button that when clicked will display all selection in a pane.
  • If its height allows for more than one line of text, it will show all items with a scrollbar if necessary.

If you are expecting to have multiple selections, it is recommended to increase the height of the combo box in the view form.

Power Apps

@Coatsy35 Are you trying with the latest studio version?  If you give your combo box a height where we can fit two lines of text, it will show the scrollbar and let you scroll through the options.


If you have a single line of text, scrollbar isn't really the best UI there, so we show you all selections in a pane, when you click on the "MORE" link.

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@FilipK- I'm using the only version I have access to as it is based on the admin settings for our entire tenant. Is the "current version" you mention still in targeted release or is it now in general and rolled out to all?  Instead of asking if I'm using "current version", would you please state which version first included the ability to have the scrollbar automatically appear if a combo box search field is set to more than a single line height and the "More" button gets added?
 That way, if that ability isn't in the version I'm using, I would know when I could expect to be able to use that functionality. Thanks

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@Anonymous sorry about the confusion.  There is only one version that is out for everyone to use, your admin and tennant settings don't have anything to do with this.  If you edit your app, and go to File, Account you should see a version number with 3.1904x.


To test your changes make sure you app is saved with this version of studio, and re-run it.