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Command to be able to remove an attachment from a list by name

Looking to get a feature added to PowerApps that enables users to remove an attachment by name. Example: I have been successful in compiling into a collection, a list of attachments connected to a specific SharePoint list item. I can then enable the users to categorize those attachments by filling out data for additional fields associated with each attachment. 


Now the PowerApp I have built has one set of users that generates and uploads an unsigned document and marks it as "... Unsigned", which triggers an email to the person that created the list item with a link to the document. That person then takes that unsigned document and signs it. They then attach it to the list item and mark the category as "... Signed". They are then supposed to delete the unsigned document, but this doesn't always get done. So, I would like a way to automatically delete that Unsigned attachment, since I am able to get the '{Attachments}.DisplayName for that item.


I have tried the following Remove function which does not give any errors, but unfortunately does not work.



I know that I can identify the single attachment that I want, as I tested the following and only got one entry in the collection


Is there a way to delete a single attchment by name from the SharePoint list item?

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I found a way to achieve this for my project.  When I remove an item,  I simply clear the Collection which makes it empty,  them immediately create the collection again to reload what is still in the attachment list