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Common Clipboard

Problem: As of right now, you can only open one instance of PowerApps Studio. If you wanted to copy paste content from one app to another, you would need to:

  1. Open one app
  2. Copy the content
  3. Close the app
  4. Open the second app
  5. Paste the content
  6. Close the app
  7. Open the first app again
  8. Copy the content

This can only be done one screen at a time. Also, content copied from an app opened in a web browser cannot be pasted into another tab nor into Studio.


Suggestion: To overcome this limitation, I suggest a way that allows copying content from an app opened in a web browser to paste in Studio or another browser tab. 


Scenario 1: This is useful for copying formulas and objects from apps you've downloaded from blogs to add to your own app.

Scenario 2: You have a template app whose features you want present in new apps you make.

Status: New
New Member

+1 ... As my good friend Tomas said... "Copy & Paste is why Microsoft is big today"... and they don't implement it in a new generation Tool .. Upss...


New Member

Scenario 2 is a must have ! … It takes me ages to rebuild …. great idea