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Common Data Service PickList - Allow all PickList fields to be surfaced in your PowerApp Data Table

Currently when you create an Entity in the Common Data Service and specify a fields data type as a Picklist,

the only value that can be surfaced in your PowerApp DataTable is the PickList Item Name.

Dropdowns and List Boxes allow all Picklist fields but the Data Table control limited to just the Item Name field?


We use the drop down control and list box control for input forms but the DataTable is used to surface the submitted data.


The PickList Item Name does not allow spaces in the Name, so we use the Display Name and Description fields for this purpose, however, currently there does appear to be a way to surface the information from the Display Name nor the Description in your DataTable.


Some of our Item Names in the PickList can be long and descriptive, this is not suitable to show your app user , the Display Name is what you want to present to the user instead.


For example, in a PowerApps Data Table I have connected to my CDS Entity, the Classification field is surfacing data from a Custom PickList.


Item Name:  BuildingAccessChangeRestrictedAccess surfaces in the data table, instead it would be preferrable to show the Display Name value of Building Access Change - Restricted because that is what the user saw when they submitted the form. They did not see the Item Name: BuildingAccessChangeRestrictedAccess, we really need this to be consistent across all the data related controls.


Currently with PickLists and the Data Table control, we have not found a way to surface the data from anything other than the Item Name field in the Data Table column or am I misunderstanding this.


Thank you

- Keith



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