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Common Data Service data link to Word

It would be really useful to be able to access entities for mailmerge documents in Word. Or at least create a View (as in SQL Db) from which Word could read the data across multiple entities.

Status: Under Review

Adding @jonoluk to confirm status pls.


Hey Graham!


Thanks for the suggestion!  I've passed this along to our team that is looking at Productivity & Collaboration experiences for the CDS.  We've talked about this before - it's a great idea to be able to fire off mailmerged docs based on entity data.


Out of curiosity, what scenario are you thinking about using this in?  Are you thinking of some sort of regular task where you want to notify owners about past-due accounts (for example)? 




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Hi, I also support this idea.  My scenario is to be able to produce a regulatory compliant shareholder register for companies that we administer.  Shareholders and their details can be a record in CDS in the future

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Agreed. this would be very nice..

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Hi Jono,


Here in the UK, we love to send a letter. It may be slow, expensive and unreliable, but it's what we do.


My scenario is that I need to generate letters and forms to customers and suppliers which pull data fields from linked entities/tables. Currently in SQL, we generate a view which we use as our data source to pull the data together (names, addresses, item codes, descriptions etc), however this can fetch a few thousand records which can be very slow when running the query in Word. We create some text in the document and print. We may only print one record at a time, or we may do a dozen, it varys. Each user will generate different content for their letters throughout the day. Selecting the recipients from the query can also be a slow process, but we're looking to refine the query on the SQL Server.


Hi Graham,
We are actively working to enable document generation (mail merge) scenarios like this so it is great to hear the specifics you have. I'll respond to this thread in the future with pointers to capabilities as we deliver them.
In the meantime, if you have more thoughts or details, feel free to add them here.
- Chris

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Hi Chris,


Is there any update on this topic please?

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Hello, for all that are interested, by leveraging Flow there is a way to create text files from entity data and either save them to a location or to send them directly by email.

Using the Concat() function you can create mailmerge type output.

Some hints here, but please post questions on the Forum for more details.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @jonoluk to confirm status pls.