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Compress and scale images

I'd like to be able to compress / resize JPEG images being uploaded from the camera or gallery. Having to upload 4MB pictrue captured from the phone camera is frustrating for the field agents with limited (slow) network coverage. Being able to downscale and change the JPEG quality to 50% *before* pushing it to the server will help a lot improving the speed.

Status: Completed
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Status changed to: Completed
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Hi, could you provide us with an example of how to use this feature, please?

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@psa_developer the feature is available now. Using this feature is extremely simple. There is an option in the device settings that allows you to turn on/off the image optimization during uplaod. If it is turned on, images will automatically be resized before upload. 



I found how to do it on mobile but I do not find how to do it on the application on windows (surface). Can you help me ?


Thank you.

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is it possible to specify the dimensions of the image once it is processed?  I'm trying to resize a pen input image so that it will fit in an image spaceholder in a docx template.  

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I don't seem to be able to find the setting. Can you please specify where I can find it?

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@AlexandrePicque this functionality is currently available only for iOS and android devices. 

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@radtadBradno it's not possible to specifcy the dimensions. Image is optimized for size before upload but explictly defining dimensions is not possible

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@Anonymous You can find the setting under the hamburger menu (three lines), next to the PowerApps dropdown in the top left corner on the apps list page. 

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@Kavishi_MSFTFound it, thx!