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Compress and scale images

I'd like to be able to compress / resize JPEG images being uploaded from the camera or gallery. Having to upload 4MB pictrue captured from the phone camera is frustrating for the field agents with limited (slow) network coverage. Being able to downscale and change the JPEG quality to 50% *before* pushing it to the server will help a lot improving the speed.

Status: Completed
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This is an option that has to be activated manually by each user on their phone, correct?
Can we specify this in our App so that each user has this option as default?


Thank you @Kavishi_MSFT .

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Hi @Andre_Martins we dont have the option currently. As you said, each user has an option on their device but thaks for your suggestion. 

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Hello ,

Can any one help to know how to compress the Power App camera picture before storing it to SQL server table. Because otherwise default photo stored from Power App toSQL server is not displayed in Power BI report where image size limit is 32766. The default image size is very high when It is stored from Power App to SQL server table.

So how to compress the image size before storing in SQL table.



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I can't find it. It would be usefull if someone can share a screenshot 🙂

Is it called "Installatiekopieen optimaliseren" ? (In  Dutch)


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Hello @delft ,
The menu is in Portuguese but I think you can understand.

Opening PowerAPP on your phone, click on the top left symbol, it will open the following menu:



The last option will let you optimize the size of your pictures. I think that this option comes activated by default.

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This option is by default active and I have already tested by storing image from mobile app but still no luck. I tried with MS flow also through Encodian but still no luck

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@maheshdadhichcan you please explain the issue you are running into? Is your image not getting compressed? What is the size that you are uplaoding and would like compressed before uplaoding? Thanks


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Does anyone know how to compress the Power App camera picture before storing it to a SQL server table. Otherwise the default bianary image stored from Power App to SQL  is over the 32766 character limit of Power BI and it wont display the image..... @Kavishi_MSFT @PaulD1 

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Hi MNeish


I was able to compress the image before storing in Sql server table using Encodian (Third Party ) "Image resize task" and "Compress an Image" both task in MS Flow.  Please subscribe the Encodian before using it. In the free subscription you can have 50 action/month and If you have more than 50 action/month then you have to buy the license

When using MS flow , Please convert the Encodian task output in string using flow expression before storing in table else It might give error. 


Resolver II

@MNeish What I did in PowerBI was "Import custom visual" from marketplace and added the PowerApps visual to my PowerBI report. Using that method add another (separate) PowerApps app into the PowerBI report that displays my images. I did this for purposes of control of content (refreshing images to show most recent 4). May be better option if you don't actually want/need compression