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Configure Default Apps Visible in Power App Mobile App + Office 365 Group Apps

First idea (priority): It's great that the list of sample apps is growing, these have been very helpful in the learning process (especially in the Power Apps Desktop scenario). However, could you please enable us to "Configure" which apps will be visible when an employee signs into the Power Apps application on their mobile phones? What I mean is, let's say we're releasing an app that we are sharing with everyone....that app can be buried in sample apps by Microsoft. Those sample apps can also be a distraction, especially if we want people to test the organizational apps (and the more sample apps there are, the higher the likelihood of distraction).


Please consider giving the Global Admin, or SharePoint Admin, for the Office 365 tenant, the option of configuring which, if any, default apps are shown on mobile devices. (This would not impact other apps shared by others in the org, nor the sample apps in the UI of Power Apps Desktop/Web Builder, it just involves the apps that are authored by Microsoft and shown in the phone UI.)


Second sub-idea (bells and whistles): Looking proactively forward, as the list of shared apps grows, it may take extra time to find the app you're looking for in the list of apps on your phone. Perhaps we could introduce a "Group" option, where we can publish apps for a specific Office 365 Group, which would be permissioned just like Office 365 Groups are now. This way on our phone we'd be able to sort, or group by Office 365 Group. This will help us to find what we're looking for more easily. (Note: In this case, we might also need a default "Company" Group for enterprise apps.)


Thank you for hearing our feedback! Respectfully,


Power Apps

Hi Audrie,


Thanks for providing the feedback! We love to hear from our users and these sort of feedback are super helpful, guiding us in the right direction to make the product better.


We are improving this particular experience for users. I'd love to schedule a call with you to share some of our thinking in this area (listing sample apps vs. user's apps, org's apps, admin configuration on what their users see, etc.) Would you be available to chat and if so, what's the best way to contact you?




Power Automate
Thank you Linh. I am available for a call Tuesday any time. I am on Skype for business or you can email me your number and I will call you. I am building my fourth app, and one is definitely going live soon.

Thank you!

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What was the outcome of the call?


I ask because I'd like to be able to remove the default apps for our employees too.

Power Automate

Hi Rob_Webb: I haven't been contacted yet on this topic.

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That is disappointing to hear Man Sad


Maybe @linhtra will remember to call you now...

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[Suggested Groupings]

Built by you,

Shared with you,

Shared with Everyone


[Suggested Filters/Ordering]


Popular (by download/access?),

Rated (by users)



Then perhaps the abililty to pin sticky apps (stay on top) to Shared with Everyone (by admin?)


...and then the ability to Search, although perhaps lets start with that Man Very Happy

New Member

Hi @linhtran ,


Was the ability to pin a default app (or apps) ever implemented?


We could use this right now if it's available.


We'd like to be able to display a particular app in My Apps to our end users as soon as they install Power Apps on mobile, without them having to go search for it and then pin it as a Favorite into My Apps.


Thanks !