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Connect to On Premise AD

Could it be possible to connect to an "On premise Active Directory". THat would ge a great feature for our organisation. Thx a lot!

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This would be a large get for our company as well, I've had the request for an integration into our on prem AD on multiple occations for group/user lookups as well as AD account updates that are currently being handled by powershell forms, we would like to replace that with some PowerApps & Flow.

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The SCMA would love to have this funtionality as well!!

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Yes, this feature is extremelly important, to develop some workoloads to be more productive day by day.

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Adding Active Directory as a data source within the on-premises data gateway seems like a good contender to resolve this request.

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I second this. I don't really understand why Microsoft haven't thougt about this already. 

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Rather than standing up a domain server for SCORCH, I would much rather use Power Apps, to manipulate our On premises Server AD. 

  • Monitor a folder for photos name with SamAccountName, multiple resize, and add to Server AD Thumbnail, add to Intranet web phonebook, add to Exchange Online, add to Teams, add to SharePoint.
  • Add all users to a security group except those already in the a few other specific groups; i.e., everybody is a user except the admins.
  • Read through a set of Server AD groups and flatten the membership because Azure AD can't read nested groups. 

On-premise resources can be accessed via cloud services. This also includes active directory, the following post would provide some insights to create AD account in Onpremise using a Flow

Helper V

I have started PowerApps and came to know that AD on-prem is not available how sad??

for administrator purpose if this feature in included will be the value to PowerApps and also to run the PowerShell scripts thru PowerApps to fetch the results in the app. i wanted to have a app in PowerApps which can query the on-prem AD server for creation users/resetting passwords/unlock accounts group managements and many more day to day administration from the single platform, which does not required to logon to AD server and perform the tasks.. hope MSFT will consider this too