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Connect to SharePoint Views in PowerApps

Hi all


Right now the possibility to connect to SharePoint Libraries & Lists in PowerApps is there.

I would find it a HUGE time/performance saving possibility to be able to "connect" to a SharePoint View in PowerApps (as a source) so the filtering/searching can be declared in SharePoint and not in PowerApps which would make an app faster in my opinion.


Vote if you agree 🙂

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Abosolutely!!! I need the same!

Level 8

Have to say this should be a thing. It didn't even hit me until I went to help someone else and realized we can't do this without Flow

Level: Powered On

Yes, this will be great since I'm having issues filtering by date, for some reason it does not show last 3 days of data, and if I remove the Today filter it shows up.

we definitely need to do all filtering at SharePoint views.



Level 8

Good for performance and will easily solve a lot of delegation issues with Sharepoint.