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Connect to SharePoint Views in PowerApps

Hi all


Right now the possibility to connect to SharePoint Libraries & Lists in PowerApps is there.

I would find it a HUGE time/performance saving possibility to be able to "connect" to a SharePoint View in PowerApps (as a source) so the filtering/searching can be declared in SharePoint and not in PowerApps which would make an app faster in my opinion.


Vote if you agree 🙂

Status: New
Advocate I

Abosolutely!!! I need the same!

Resolver II

Have to say this should be a thing. It didn't even hit me until I went to help someone else and realized we can't do this without Flow

Regular Visitor

Yes, this will be great since I'm having issues filtering by date, for some reason it does not show last 3 days of data, and if I remove the Today filter it shows up.

we definitely need to do all filtering at SharePoint views.



Solution Sage

Good for performance and will easily solve a lot of delegation issues with Sharepoint. 

Frequent Visitor

The same connector would be a big help in Power BI where we don't need all those lookup and multivalue fields but do need to do basic reporting.

Impactful Individual

Seems to be the same idea as this one.
Has been 'Under Review' for 2 years now.