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Connect to custom SharePoint Online user property field..



A connection from PowerApps to the Sharepoint online fields also the custom property fields would be a really handy feature.




Status: Under Review

Question to @archanan: Do you believe we may be able to request an enhancement to the Office 365 Users connector to include custom user properties?

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"Using the Office365Users connection is great but there are a lot of custom fields that are important within my organization. Without these custom fields, I don't have all the information I need about a user. It is very important to have these in order to use PowerApps effectively within my organization." - previous comment!

I agree! This would be a fantastic feature. Has any progress been made on this?

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Any updates on how we fetch custom property in powerapp?

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This is a pretty major gap in functionality.  Delve/Sharepoint is meant to be driven by users but at this stage there is no method to access this data from powerapps or any other  platform.  It leaves user profiles to be very basic, inflexible and in-extensible.  This really needs to move on from "under review" to fill this obvious oversight.

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Prevent us from creating Current User related PowerApps, we need many custom properties in our companies. This is a major gap!

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Would love to see this function. Any progress?

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@Audrie-MSFT  Any updates to this?? This has been Under Review for 3.5 years! The new UserProfileV2 still doesn't seem to include this. Would be extremely useful

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Any update? Major gap