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Connections to QuickBooks

You should consider adding a connector to QuickBooks online.  This will allow us to add, pull, and remove entries via the app.  We will be able to create a new customer within Intuit and see their Invoices and/or create a new one.  Accepting payments (Paypal, Intuit, Square) will also be nice.

Status: Under Review
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Hey, You do not need to ask Microsoft to create the connector for Flow. you can create custom connector using QuickBooks Open API and Microsoft Flow Custom Connector.

Please Refer to this blog for step by step details on how to create a custom connector for QuickBooks Online.


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This would be amazing! So much easier and I can think of a lot of small businesses that would be really interested in PowerApps especially if it can make even just their invoices easier. Lots of companies that use QuickBooks are having to "Double Enter" there data. They create the invoice on paper or word or however they do it and then they have to enter in all that data into QuickBooks AGAIN. Which might not be the end of the world if they only have a few invoices a month, but many companies have a around a hundred to a few hundred invoices they are doing and something like this would save so much time! I have a lot of potential clients that would love this and it would be amazing and really beneficial to a lot of people.


Thank you for the consideration!

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Hello, Just thought of sharing in case this easy-to-use QBO invoicing connector can help some users:  Thank you.

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Will be great to have that ability