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Connector to SAP

It'd be nice to have a connector to SAP to mash financial data with Project Data

Status: Completed
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We need this connector. The solution proposed to create custom connector ( on powerapps or flow)  using sap web service or the second one witch consists on creating an Azure logic App and use the action Sap, seems to be more complicated then a solution.

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09-24-2018 06:59 AM
Hello @EvanChakiMSFT, 

Its been a year since I last posted on this. Quite a few upvotes now. Any updates?

Power Apps
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Power Apps

The SAP connector for Power Apps and Power Automate was announced:

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Thanks for all the efforts and the update @EvanChakiMSFT . Can't wait to try this out!

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed