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Connector to SAP

It'd be nice to have a connector to SAP to mash financial data with Project Data

Status: Completed
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I need this connector also (SAP).

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SAP has a 24% ERP market share. I'd think it's a critical connector.

Our company needs this.



Well... It goes without saying that we need the core ERP provider's connectors as there are hundreds/thousands of use cases to surround ERP with PowerApps and FLow.

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Introduced Powerapps and Flow for a customer. The lack of Connectors for SAP and Infor M3 stopping ust to procceed with the case.

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This connector is important if Flow needs to compete with other market products as SAP has a large marketshare

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An SAP connector would be an enormous push for adopting flows at my company.  It is literally our one stop shop for information for our company.  

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YES! A SAP connector would be a really big advance!

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Please add a SAP connector
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I don't think this idea is only a good to have option.

In current business world, I believe it's a must! and I strongly support it.

Power Apps

Thank you all for your feedback on the SAP connector.  You do have some options for connecting SAP to PowerApps today.


Most organizations have SAP inside of their network, you will need to use the On-Premises data gateway ( ) to get started.


From there you can:


Let me know if this helps.