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Control the Android Back Button

The native android "back" button momenteraly asks to close the app. I'd like to have the option to be able to choose what the android button does, namely by choose to get the close up pop-up, or to go back one page on the app.


The gesture of swiping from the left side of the screen to right already closes the app, and android users are used to returning to the previous page when the "back" button is pressed.

Status: New
New Member

this is like a top 10 fail for microsoft.  Having a bunch of certifications promoting power apps but android users have to reach to the top left corner to go back a screen.  Go react native and ionic framework and native android


I do not see how this could be that hard to implement.  You are already hooking into the back button event to trigger the close popup.  Just make it so it only triggers the close popup on the browse screen, and for the edit and detail screens go back to the previous screen

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This is a must for Android users!


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Wow, 2.5 years after this idea was posted and it's still in "New" status?


Android phone users make up 72% of the global market, and the lack of proper handling of the back button makes Power Apps very hard to use on that platform. This an important feature to implement!

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Is there a way to disable the "back" button on the Android phone if not "transform" it in a "back()" action in Power Apps?...

It is becoming very annoying and closed my app many times because of the habit to press the phone's back button instead of the app back icon. 😞

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I got excited when I came across this (below) experimental feature option in my app settings. Sadly, I turned it on, saved and published my app but it still comes up with the close app message when I hit the back button. So I guess experimental = doesn't work yet? Does anyone else have this in their list of experimental features and has anyone gotten it working?



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Can confirm, the option shows up in experimental but it did not work. Only tested on a Samsung Galaxy 9 running Android 10.