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Control the Android Back Button

The native android "back" button momenteraly asks to close the app. I'd like to have the option to be able to choose what the android button does, namely by choose to get the close up pop-up, or to go back one page on the app.


The gesture of swiping from the left side of the screen to right already closes the app, and android users are used to returning to the previous page when the "back" button is pressed.

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if you use 


you are able to use the native android "back" button to go from one screen to the previous in the same app.

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Could you show us an example? It doesn't work for me... It always shows me the message for closing the app. 

*I'm putting the back() in a button. is it the right place for it so the android "Back" can make use of it?

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I am mistaken, @RonaldR91 and @WPB, I could have swore it worked last time I tried it. 


Heres a post from the admin users..


my bad.. sorry.. Smiley Sad

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No worries 🙂

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 I thought so. I use back() on almost every screen but it always gives me the message popup. I don't get this isn't possible. 

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This is a huge UX killer (being prompted to close the app when system back button is selected).


Android users mental model / behavioural expectations are quite different to iOS or Windows phones and as such they expect to be able to "go back" screens using the system back button rather than a button on screen.


To be able to control the global behaviour of the back button for Android users would be a big pain reliever for that large portion of the market.




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This is a massive win for android users if this gets made. 

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This is *STILL* not implemented? I'm *agog*. This is a major UX killer for Android users.

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This would be a huge UX improvement. Hoping for this to come to fruition.

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As the developer of my app I STILL fall prey to the back button on my Android phone.. I should know better but out of habit I continue to hit the back button and have to hit Cancel because I don't want to exit the app. This needs a fix.