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Convert Custom List Form to Stand Alone Canvas App

I have built out a custom list form with several different complicated views.  After reviewing and testing, we have decided to go a different route and would like to start with a stand-alone canvas app instead of a custom list form.  It would be wonder to be able to easily copy the custom list form to a stand-alone canvas app without having to recreate all of the screens.

Status: New
Helper I

I have the same situation, Where I  have design the form and everything is working as expected but then user wanted a feature to print the form also we have Print function which is nice but we are not able to use that  function with SharePoint List form and need to make it as standalone application.

Similarly there are some limitations on  Power App SharePoint Form  when use reference / lookup fields. This will be help full  if we are able to convert the form to standalone power app application to avoid duplicating the efforts we have made to develop  the application.