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Copy Screens Between Apps

Although you can copy and paste details and formulas between apps, I would find it very useful to copy entire screens from one app to another.


I am sure I cannot be the only one!


Matty H

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The blog by Emma Cooper, Program Manager II, Tuesday, April 10, 2018 says,

Copy and pasting of screens across apps is currently not available. All the controls on the screen can be copied and pasted, but if you attempt to paste the screen, it will not work. A workaround is to add a new screen in your target app and copy all the controls from the screen of the other app to paste there. You will also need to copy any expressions in the OnVisible or OnHidden properties of the screen control. This is something that is planned to be addressed in the future.

When is this future?

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Copying controls would be so much more useful if the controls could retain their x and y values when pasted into the new app/screen. Moving/placing the controls is a pain after pasting.

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Smiley Frustrated


Yup, once again, a Microsoft FAIL!!! I've mentioned this perrennial problem with Microsoft not completing simple little functionalities into their products sooooooooo many times over the years and still nothing is done. Simple little things like this not being available? Really?? In 2019?? I even referred to this double standards thing in another post.


Any other company that created Powerapps, say Apple, would have added this functionality.


Like all things Microsoft: you can buy a car but what? You want a steering wheel too?? Oh brother that's far too much work. We have to spend more time creating special ledges on the car so birds can sit while you're driving.


What? You want wheels too? Well it does come with three, what more do you need. We're busy doing other things and are too busy to add a forth wheel. Shhhhh the only sound you hear is them sneaking away from the table.


And on and on and on and on and on....................................................................................................... I'm surprised they even finished this forum.


Oh and BTW, no you can't copy squat from one app to another.