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Copy Screens Between Apps

Although you can copy and paste details and formulas between apps, I would find it very useful to copy entire screens from one app to another.


I am sure I cannot be the only one!


Matty H

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The blog by Emma Cooper, Program Manager II, Tuesday, April 10, 2018 says,

Copy and pasting of screens across apps is currently not available. All the controls on the screen can be copied and pasted, but if you attempt to paste the screen, it will not work. A workaround is to add a new screen in your target app and copy all the controls from the screen of the other app to paste there. You will also need to copy any expressions in the OnVisible or OnHidden properties of the screen control. This is something that is planned to be addressed in the future.

When is this future?

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Copying controls would be so much more useful if the controls could retain their x and y values when pasted into the new app/screen. Moving/placing the controls is a pain after pasting.

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Advocate V

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Yup, once again, a Microsoft FAIL!!! I've mentioned this perrennial problem with Microsoft not completing simple little functionalities into their products sooooooooo many times over the years and still nothing is done. Simple little things like this not being available? Really?? In 2019?? I even referred to this double standards thing in another post.


Any other company that created Powerapps, say Apple, would have added this functionality.


Like all things Microsoft: you can buy a car but what? You want a steering wheel too?? Oh brother that's far too much work. We have to spend more time creating special ledges on the car so birds can sit while you're driving.


What? You want wheels too? Well it does come with three, what more do you need. We're busy doing other things and are too busy to add a forth wheel. Shhhhh the only sound you hear is them sneaking away from the table.


And on and on and on and on and on....................................................................................................... I'm surprised they even finished this forum.


Oh and BTW, no you can't copy squat from one app to another.
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Although I did vote for this feature....i.e. the ability to copy a screen in-whole to a new app, I think it's only fair to comment on @CW 's opinions a bit:


As anybody who has worked with Power Apps for more than a few months MUST admit, the product is undergoing rapid and repeated improvement.  Personally, after decades of working with Microsoft products, I'm again and again amazed at how fast and frequent modifications are made in Power Apps .  Yes, there are surely downsides to this rapid-dev-deploy model....e.g. the documentation not being detailed enough....or, the existing community's knowledgebase remaining full of no-longer-true "facts" or no-longer-needed "workarounds."  Just the number of times I've sworn at things being announced in the team's blog weeks before I become aware of them BUT after spending hours going down dead-end paths has well-tarnished my soul.


But, the fact is that the old-school model of releasing a new version of software every year or more is dead.  Furthermore, expecting it to be superbly/fully thought-out and  well-tested is not only unlikely, it's a false memory (anybody remember Clippy?) ...and one that didn't actually result in the net-level of expansion in capability and quantity now happening...especially because of the "citizen-developers" being unleashed by things like the Power Platform.

I'm not opposed to being critical of a system's shortcomings...and there are many in the Power Platform.  I just think keeping it closer to the objectively critical versus the ranting anger is more productive for all of us.


E.g. If Apple had created something like PowerApps it would be????.....well, they didn't.  Knock yourself out learning Swift and trying to get an app deployed in the IOS space.  In the meantime, I'll keep cheering on the Power Platform team for what they have done and for what they keep turning out...bit by bit.  And the best way to do that, as I see it, is with some gratitude, some polite requests for further improvements, and some clear communication on WHY and HOW you'd like the next version of the software to work.


PowerApps team, please provide for copying of screens in their entirety.  I need this to more readily take screens I've done as proof-of-concept items and then "snap" them into the full-fledged app...either one already in use (and all the fragility that entails), or one being created newly from multiple staff members doing various PoC parts/screens individually. 


That being said, much more useful, IMO, would be greater control over re-using individual controls between apps.  I.e. given a choice,  I am willing to do control-by-control copy/paste versus whole screens IF THE PIECES COPIED AS NEEDED.  For example, the alteration to the X & Y properties of controls when copied needs to be controllable.  The default should remain to do the shift by 4px WHEN ON THE SAME SCREEN, but something like SHIFT-CTRL-V should paste with zero changes (same screen or on diff screen/app).  The release of PowerApps Components is great, but it has some requirements (e.g. input/output parameters for data-binding) that are often too much upfront work just to get basic re-use of something you've created. 


In short, please work on full screen copy, but not if at the expense of component&control copying and enhancing.


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Advocate V



You can't take an isolated discussion and take a simplistic holier than thou attitude by commenting: "And the best way to do that, as I see it, is with some gratitude, some polite requests for further improvements, and some clear communication on WHY and HOW you'd like the next version of the software to work."


Who are you to make such assumptions that this is my first attempt at trying to get something accomplished?? Do you know my history, the past issues with this and other software?? You even made reference to your own historical issues making your comments hippocritical. 


I'd recommend you keep you analysis to the topic at hand and stop attempting to gather support by sounding altruistic. You have NO idea what you're talking about.

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Can anyone help me on how to duplicate gallery in powerapp ?

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Advocate V

Right click existing, select duplicate.


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This feature would be of great help to our team.  We have design leaders and a development team.  If the design leaders could make screens as a mock-up in a separate app, then import those screens to the production app for the developers to integrate with the app logic, that would help us overcome the severe limitations we experience due to the one-person-working-at-a-time limit in the apps.


As a side note, the one person limit itself doesn't make much sense to me considering every other office app has collaboration features.  Maybe someone from MS can explain why this exists.