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Copy and Paste Data from Excel into PowerApps

Looking for the ability to copy and paste data from an excel table with multiple rows directly into PowerApps.

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How would the app look that would accept the table of data?  Is it a form?  Or a data table / grid?

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@dyoder  - thanks for sharing this idea. Quick question on this. In order to have this work, do you have a document saved in a one drive or sharepoint library? Or do you have the user submit an excel file through powerppas where the flow will pick up the data?

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@tlevine - Yes the Flow watches a folder on our Sharepoint drive, when a file is saved the Flow begins. Depending on the type of data and your use for it there can be a few issues to consider. File type, formatting and duplicating data are a few. So far I have been able to add small steps to the Flow to handle those.

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@dyoder , This would have been the best route only if the excel data is in a table. Since the company's goal is automation, having the user format every excel into a table just to run a Flow wasn't ideal. Still the biggest drawback for me with Excel and Flow. At least Power BI can read CSV. 

Forever waiting for Microsoft to release the ability to create named ranges (table) on existing data.  

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That is why I had Flow modify the file and create the table for me.

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You can do this using the Split() and Char() functions!


See the following example:


To get the Rows you can set up your formula like so:


Split( TextInput.Text , Char(10) )


You can take the result of that to get the Columns like so:


Split( Split( TextInput.Text , Char(10) ), Char(09) )



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It looks like maybe the new Lists feature will be able to provide a solve for this