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Copy and Paste Data from Excel into PowerApps

Looking for the ability to copy and paste data from an excel table with multiple rows directly into PowerApps.

Status: New

How would the app look that would accept the table of data?  Is it a form?  Or a data table / grid?

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The Excel file name is dynamic, but the columns of the table are static.


The Flow watches a file location and when a new file is saved the flow opens it, creates and formats the table, writes that data to our SQL database and then also refreshes a BI dataset. Then the new data/reports are viewable online.

Helper I





You have to change the "Result" depending on how your result is named by your app when you collect the data from the text input.


I suggest you first create a button only with this to collect without the char(9) splitting




Then go to View>Collections and look at the name of the column created. Change "result" by this name.