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Copy and Paste Styling from One Element to Another

I may just be overlooking this, so any feedback would be appreciated.


It would be good to be able to either hand edit some json for an element, or copy and paste from one to another.  Such as, one button to another, one icon to another.  It seems weird that I drop a new icon and it doesn't match the theme for the rest of the page, but I'd like to be able to copy the existing elements style and overlay it onto a new item.

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You can:

a) Copy paste existing controls to create a new control with the same styling

b) Select multiple controls at the same time and edit the property of the group for it to be applied to all controls in the group

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This does not work when editing controls in forms: you can not select multiple controls across cards and can not copy/paste controls within the cards.

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@tirandaganexcellent point.  This gives me one more reason to avoid forms.

It is my pet peeve in PowerApps, much better to create your own forms