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Copy card formatting between Data Screen and Edit Screen

When I layout a detailed Data view screen there does not seem to be any way to copy card formatting over to a new Edit view screen. If I have a lot of fields then I have to re-visit all the layout features for each card in the Edit screen to make look/feel the same as the Data Screen.


This might appear on the right click options in Card element in Screens deatil view on LHS of IDE as we alreay have a Paste option.



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I would take this a step further - there should be a library of components where I can set the design at a base level and say that a component is instantiated from the base definition. For example, on a form I may have two styles defined:


1. Title

2. Body


where my form ends up looking like:


Data Card 1: Style Title

Plan Name

September Sales Conference

Data Card 2: Style Body

Plan Owner

Bob Smith

Data Card 3: Style Body









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There is this technique of linking card properties but it's still tedious - I have to touch each card initially for every attribute that matters - and can be error prone if the master item is deleted

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And this - takes above one step further by creating a hidden template screen