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Copy to Clipboard

It would be nice if I can add a command to a button via which i can choose a predefined field value (in a screen) and copy its content to Clipboard. In PowerApps for mobile, this becomes a must.

Status: Escalated

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  We'll take a deeper look.


You all are correct, technically this isn't hard especially for text.  However, the security implications are very interesting and will require a thorough review.  And then, as usual, it needs to be prioritized and funded.

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Stil nothing? -,-

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Still want it too 😞

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It's disappointing that such a common and useful function is still in the discussion stages after 5 years. 


Considering PowerApps is touted as a dynamic modern interface system for mobile devices and desktops, a basic functionality that benefits mobile greatly being missing still sends us and our end users the wrong message. 


I do hope this function gets added in sooner rather than later. 

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So... what is the status of this?

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It's 2022 now...

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Has it been 5 years already?  I would have expected this to be a no brainer and resolved a long time ago. 🙄

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5 years have passed by....

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I'm new here. I would say, spending time here is such an anxiety-inducing experience. AppSheet is way better for no coders. PowerApps is more suited for experienced and well-versed internet-savvy monks. I don't know why my company endorses this. I reckon they don't even check other off-the-shelf products out there. 

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Having this ability would be a game changer for me organisation which has to swap information between different systems and legacy software. Please can this be developed! Thanks.

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I don't see much of a security issue when anyone with malicious intent can already make one and would have much more success just using JavaScript


In terms of awareness security, you can bake in a Notify() to say that something has been copied to the clipboard with a preview of the text.


I don't know how feasible this part is but you can also limit the function to only work while the window is active to make unwitting copying harder.