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Copy to Clipboard

It would be nice if I can add a command to a button via which i can choose a predefined field value (in a screen) and copy its content to Clipboard. In PowerApps for mobile, this becomes a must.

Status: Escalated

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  We'll take a deeper look.


You all are correct, technically this isn't hard especially for text.  However, the security implications are very interesting and will require a thorough review.  And then, as usual, it needs to be prioritized and funded.

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In Android, Launching a URL from PowerApps doesn't work.  So copy/paste to clipboard would make the experience easier instead of having to select URL string, copy then past.  Not user-friendly in a mobile phone.

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I also want this functionality.

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I am looking implement this functionality to be able to copy fields from a datasource, either by using the .selected of a datatable and selecting the column from another control, or (ideally) being able to select the specific cell of the datatable and copy that

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@rc: Could you give us an update about this functionality? This one would be very usefull feature. Thanks in advance.

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hi! im requesting an update on this as well. also, it would be great not only to copy a field, but a datasheet, collection, or image to the clipboard... and maybe a screenshot of the actual app? <-- Let me know if this should be a separate idea.

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I need this as well

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i really need this functionality!!

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Can we also get the data from the clipboard?? 

Something like...


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Any update on this?

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A function from the dawn of gui’s. Why not in PA?