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Copy to Clipboard

It would be nice if I can add a command to a button via which i can choose a predefined field value (in a screen) and copy its content to Clipboard. In PowerApps for mobile, this becomes a must.

Status: Under Review

Flagging @GregLi on this idea for review

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If any of you in hurry for this feature, please see this cool and simple PCF control that adds a copy to clipboard button next to the field. Developed by @DynamicsNinja

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Surely,,this is obvious?

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Yes please!

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This came up again today.  It would be very useful!

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I just checked and it looks like this idea has been in review for 2 years. This is fairly obvious functionality.


In my case, I've created an app as an admin console for our payroll team; they need to direct employees to forms, but don't need to access the forms themselves (i.e. "you need to fill in this form - here's the link").


The lack of this ability creates the need for a rather cumbersome and unnecessary workaround.

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This functionality seems really simple and is a must. Shame it's yet to be implemented.

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I am really surprised that this feature is not available yet. We need this so often.

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This has been under review since 2018. Have you abandoned this? Care to provide an update? This is needed to make the app more functional.


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Community Champion

@rc Any updates on this? So loooooooooooooooong it's been on review. Copy & Paste is an old old feature that is still missing in PowerApps!!!

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Please provide this feature as this is essential to many engagements