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Correct support for ENTER and TAB keys in code blocks in studio

Shame to have to add this as a "New Idea" when this used to be the case, and for that matter when it shouldn't have been a thought to change it to something otherwise, however....


Please change it so that the ENTER key when used in a code block does the correct action and actually does a carriage return/line feed as happens in virtually every other editor application in existance (of course big exception is Excel, and recently PowerApps).  

There is NO reason why the MOST commonly used key/function in an editor (that of moving to a new line) should have to use a modifier key such as SHIFT.  If this were a good idea, then perhaps this should be the case in MS Word also 🙂  (imagine you'd really get some riled up users).  

Ditto with TAB also - cann't understand why it randomly inserts text most of the time in the editor (trying to guess what I want - and its ALWAYS wrong as what I want when I hit TAB is a tab or 4 spaces... LOL).  And no idea what logic it uses to determine what to do here (in a few cases it does do a tab, fancy that, just rarely).  

As a model for what the studio code block editor in PowerApps should use - look to Visual Studio, Visual Code, Notepad++, etc - and NOT to Excel please.  🙂

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

Note: I did not realize that I had already addressed this functionality in a prior idea submitted (as well as several others). 

Please consider this a duplicate of functionality contained within the following idea:

Code Editor: Overall Suggestions for Improvement


The idea listed above contains the functionality here, so it is acceptable to delete (or close) this idea as duplicate.