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Create App from Excel file stored on SharePoint

I think there should be functionality to build App from the excel file stored in Sharepoint? I know its possible to make App directly from Sharepoint-List but to make same from excel file stored in Share Point will be more beneficial because excel is used more as compared to Sharepoint - List

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

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Really glad I found this thread because I kept banging my head on the wall trying to figure it out thinking I must be stupid or doing something wrong.  And now that I'm reading this I think I'm not the one who is stupid.  In a business we cannot rely on having an Excel file in someone's personal OneDrive.  What kind of sense does that make??

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I would like to chime in with my own company's support for this feature. Our users depend on Excel and the current list functionality is just not up to the task. 

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Add me to the list of people that believe a SharePoint Excel connector is imperative.


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My case is one where multiple teams manage their own copies of a file with a central team managing particular columns in a consolidated sheet. I have attempted to create a Flow synchronizing everything back and forth nightly, but it has become unwieldy. I learned of PowerApps being able to potentially manage this but don't see this connector available.


OneDrive hosting and SharePoint lists are not an option due to the large data and user count. This would be perfect.

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I don't understand why this isn't a simple feature to enable... You can connect to a spreadsheet in OneDrive but not Sharepoint?  One the backend, OneDrive and Sharepoint Document Libraries can't be all that much different... I don't understand why its so hard.  And Sharepoint Lists are no replacement for a real spreadsheet.  Please fix this!

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I've been on the 365 for business ride since our company switched.  There has been an underlying theme in training sessions since then all of great new 365 tools, combined or collaborating in some ways, will replace the requirement of Excel.  

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Excel as a primary platform for manual data sourcing (forecasts, budgets, planning, etc.). While it is true that Excel as a source for intrinsic data is becoming marginalized, expecting planners to find other tools is unreasonable.  Your 'Training' notwithstanding, nothing really explains why Excel is available to PowerApps in OneDrive but not SP.  



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My Power App works fine with Excel Online (OneDrive).

Need to use an Excel Online (Business) connector, so that I can host the Excel file somewhere other than my personal corporate OneDrive space.

Why is that connector only available for Flow/Automate and not PowerApps?

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I am also interested in being able to use a connector for excel embedded in sharepoint for powerapps.

Thank you and stay safe