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Create App from Excel file stored on SharePoint

I think there should be functionality to build App from the excel file stored in Sharepoint? I know its possible to make App directly from Sharepoint-List but to make same from excel file stored in Share Point will be more beneficial because excel is used more as compared to Sharepoint - List

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

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Adding my voice here.  Been chasing this for a while.   We share a lot of excel workbooks in Teams.  Being able to tap into these via a PowerApp can be big for our mobile workers.

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I would add my vote for making PowerApps able to connect to Excel files in SharePoint. The vast majority of enterprise users are facile with Excel and are not going to see the benefits of learning the arcane ways of working with SharePoint Lists. I'm trying to build an app that will allow users to provide scores that feed back to a spreadsheet, but I see that without a 2-way connection to Excel, I'm faced with multiple steps of having every Excel spreadsheet entry get updated to the SP list with a custom Flow. Good grief! How do you ever hope to get any but the most hardcore techies to use PowerApps? How can MS be so dismissive of this need?

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Is this feature developed yet? because I can't create SharePoint list every time to generate a power app report.

every time I need to remove items from list and add new or delete list and create new list and connect it to input of power apps.

Kindly help .Is this dveloped.

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L'accès aux fichiers Excel dans un sharepoint est maintenant disponible

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Hello @aurelo 

How to connect to excel stored in SharePoint Document to power apps? any syntax of it?

any idea?

any help would be appreciated.😊

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Utiliser le connecteur Excel Online (Business)
Selectionner ensuite le sharepoint puis le fichier Excel souhaité

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I just put my vote in here.


Please make this logic available.  


I think this is saying that you can now connect to Excel in Sharepoint: Connect to Excel from Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

However, I can only get it to read-only. If anybody gets it to write back to Excel, please let me know.

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I can do a quick submit form and it changes in the excel sheet.

Nice when stuff works


excel-via-sharepointScreenshot 2021-09-02 120856.png

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I use the connector in several of my applications ans it works very well.

However if you modify the source file add or remove columms you sometimes have to delete and redo tne connection.