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Create App from Excel file stored on SharePoint

I think there should be functionality to build App from the excel file stored in Sharepoint? I know its possible to make App directly from Sharepoint-List but to make same from excel file stored in Share Point will be more beneficial because excel is used more as compared to Sharepoint - List

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

Level: Powered On

Really glad I found this thread because I kept banging my head on the wall trying to figure it out thinking I must be stupid or doing something wrong.  And now that I'm reading this I think I'm not the one who is stupid.  In a business we cannot rely on having an Excel file in someone's personal OneDrive.  What kind of sense does that make??

Level: Powered On

I would like to chime in with my own company's support for this feature. Our users depend on Excel and the current list functionality is just not up to the task.