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Create Hamburger Menu Control

One of the control usually found in mobile apps is hamburger menu, if that control is created it would be very helpful to navigate to different screens.

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It would be greate if microsoft can give directly Add Hamburger Control option in PowerApps.


meanwhile we can use steps mentioned in below post to create hamburger menu:



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Hello @Anonymous

Read your post with great interest.

Implemented App instructions.

App: OnStart
Set(TableMenu,Table({ libelle: "Sociétés", ecran: ScreenListeSocietes },
{ libelle: "Personnes", ecran: ScreenListePersonnes },
{ libelle: "Affaires", ecran: ScreenListeAffaires },
{ libelle: "Mes Mails", ecran: ScreenListeMail },
{ libelle: "Mes Tâches", ecran: ScreenListeTaches },
{ libelle: "Home", ecran: ScreenListeSocietes } ));

Added screens,
• Sociétés,
• Personnes,
• Affaires,
• Mes Mails,
• Mes Tâches,
• Home


Added Hamburger icon then
• OnVisible: UpdateContext({menuVisible: false).


• OnSelect: If(menuVisible,UpdateContext({menuVisible: false}),UpdateContext({menuVisible: true}))


Added a list box
• Items Tablemenu
• Visible menuVisible
• On Select Navigate(ListBoxMenu.Selected.ecran, ScreenTransition.Cover)

Sadly, the Listbox fails to display any menu items for user to select.


Clearly, I’m missing something.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


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@CABIRD I had the same problem. Apparently OnStart only executes when a PowerApp is first loaded. It does not get executed each time you press the play button. Saving my app, closing it, and reopening it made the OnStart event execute, which in turn populated the table and the list box.

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@Anonymous, just found this one out myself, you can also run the OnStart by right-clicking on the App on the side menu.  This way, you don't have to keep reopening the app to test.



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can u please send me regarding hamburger menu example on

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Thanks very much!  Feel free to message me :

rachel dot tung @ gmail dot com


I'm making an app for a contest (deadline Sunday) and given the time constraint I probably won't make a flyout menu.  I read some blogs and basically I'd set up a gallery, an icon, a button, then write some simple html and collect items in a collection.  I could do that but an app made in a few days probably won't have so many screens.  Later though!!  


Lets keep in touch!  


Also, I made some small improvements to the Power App templates found in the first screen of when you click All Templates.  Feel free to take my edited app!