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Create 'Inherit formatting' attribute

At the moment each control has to be configured with specifics like font, size, color, fill etc. This can become quite a problem to maintain, especially when a client asks for a change that effects all controls at the absolute last phase of the project. (We understand that this never happens, but theoretically, it could)


We currently mitigate this by creating a Template screen that is not shown to the users and contains all the control types that are used in the app. The controls on this screen are styled properly, and then all other controls in the app refer to the controls on this screen to 'Inherit' formatting. A text label in the app would be using the following formula in the Font attribute, to inherit the Font from the text label on the Template screen.

Font = CFG_DataLable1.Font


The same works very well for colors, fill, size height, width etc.


It would be great a built-in attribute can be created to automatically inherit formatting from another control, without having to specify the formula for every attribute on every control.


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I agree with this post and hope a lot of people will Vote for the idea.


Myself I make a design screen and one or several template screens. In the template screen I have the in the App used controls wich inherit there formatting from a control in the design screen. It takes a lot off time to create this template screens with all the controls, 'cause you have to inherit at lots off places.


When I created a new screen I copy the controls from the template screen and change the settings I need. This works for now, but it would be far better to create a new control and be able to have to change the settings: inherit - True and inherit control - controlname.


When you're on it, I would advise to create a new group under the advance tab to group all the formatting settings. Add two extra settings as above, which when activate overwrites al the other settings. Like OOP.


ps: better also group the events controls like visible, onselect, etc.