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Create a 'Responsive Layout' and make it default in PowerApps

Currently when creating an app, there's only 2 options: Tablet & Mobile.  However, in the modern world there's so many different types of screen sizes and form factors (desktops, Surface Hub, laptops/tablets of various sizes, phones/phablets, smaller IoT screens, etc.).  I think the 'Tablet' and 'Phone' layout options are an outdated concept and should be replaced with 'Responsive Layout', or even better, just remove those options all together and have responsive layout as default for all apps.  And instead have various standard screen sizes as 'views' to preview and customize the app for various sizes and have them automatically scale/adjust to those sizes. 

Most websites and UWP/PWA apps have already moved in this direction years ago, and it's pretty much standard now to ensure end-users get the best experience regardless of what device they are on. 


This would also be great for those those who want to easily transition from InfoPath to PowerApps and not be confused by the current limited layout options.

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You're in luck friend! This has been being waited for for awhile and we finally got details in the March 2019 Updates ( that they were introducing this feature.


That article links to this blog post where they identify the steps for configuring your app to take in responsive expressions here -

Power Apps


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I wouldn't say this is ready. The documentation is super confusing. Why not at the very least create a template to accommodate typical screen sizes with all the bits needed there good to go?

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The current method is very time consuming. This is a very common requirement.