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Create a new connector for cryptocurrency XRP

In our latest solution showcase, we have been working with cryptocurrency to establish an additional payment channel. I’ve been using XRP, a leading digital asset created by Ripple Labs (, primarily through an XRP tip bot that has been created to work on social media ( The XRP ledger and XRP digital asset is built on Blockchain technology and is an open platform that allows for integration. The primary goad of XRP is to enable the internet of value and democratize the payment business. Where it take days and high costs attached to send international payments through SWIFT, it now takes on average 3-5 seconds with a fraction of the existing cost when you use XRP.
In this context a lot of organisations are showing interest in XRP and I believe that having connectivity onto the Power Platform could be of great value to us. Image the capabilities we could have when embedding a digital asset for payment purposes into our apps. As well in the context of Dynamics! 
Status: New