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Create an PowerApp from Sharepoint Survey



I think it would be a good ideia, if you guys could create an PowerApp from a survey on sharepoint, instead of custom lists... As of right now, it doesn't exist that (Or i didn't finded out)!

It would be awesome to do so!

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+1 for this! This is indeed a nice to have feature, especially for replacing the InfoPath forms! 


However, I believe you can achieve something close enough to this since we are now able to embed the apps into SharePoint pages.

You can create an app from a SharePoint list (modify it as you need to) and then embed it on the form page (by manipulating the web parts)


The following link explains how to embed the app on the page:


I haven't done this myself, but I think is the closest you can get for now. 


Hope this helps 🙂 

Helper V

Hi @Anonymous,


I know, and we can actually create a self-called "Survey", but it's very buggy, and it would be a lot better if Microsoft implemented this ideia!


And thx for your vote 😄