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Create app in tablet layout directly from SharePoint list

Today SharePoint offer creating powerapps app directly from lists. these apps are in phone format.


In my company we use tablets. so it's important to implement this option rather than using phone layout in tablets.

Status: Under Review
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Hi, an idea to generate apps in tablet layout has already been suggested, and is in Planning stage:

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When I create an app from a SharePoint list only 7 fields are created  I have over 7 fields or columns in my SharePoint list

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Status changed to: Under Review
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You will have to "Edit Fields" if you want to add others.

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If anyone's curious about other options to design custom responsive forms which will fit tablets, PCs and phones, check out Plumsail Forms -


There is no support for mobile apps! But, in the browser view, the forms will automatically adjust to the width of the screen. SharePoint Modern UI and panel are both supported.


SharePoint responsive form with tabs and related items in a modern page

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Just offering a tablet layout generally when creating using the "Start with your data" option would save hours!


Any update on this??

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Is there any hope for offering tablet layout when starting with a SharePoint list? Most of our applications are more than a phone screen can handle and will be used on computer screens.

I am trying to switch from Nintex to Power Apps, but there is soooo much more development effort in PA.

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I cannot BELIEVE that this is still "under review"!! This must be one of the easiest to implement changes on your end, would benefit the "Citizen developer" use case 1000x over, but 5 years on and still nothing?