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Create custom functions / macros

Could we have the ability to create a custom fucntion for a PowerApp.


For example if I had the following function


CountRows(Filter(Request, CurrentStatus = "New Request", SiteTypeGallery.Selected.SiteTypeId = ParentSiteType.SiteTypeId))

If wanted to use it for different types of status, it would be good to be able to create a custom function / macro somewhere called StatusCount that takes two parameters status and sitetypeid. This would make it cleaner and also save have to go through each of the controls that use this to udate it if the condtion changes.

Status: Under Review
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Any updates here @archanan ?

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Come on Microsoft is the Power Platform a toy or a real tool.  How can anyone develop a non trivial app or more than one app and not have functions/subroutines.


I see MS moving this way for business app development to create recurring revenue, but the obvious functionality missing, the syntax and editor differences between the power products etc makes this very difficult.


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Yes please.  As the apps we build become more complex, it would reduce the workload and size of the app!  


As a workaround, we're utilizing Flows within a Solution.  However, the flows take a while to finish, are clunky, and we can't find a good way to have the Flow finish before continuing in our code.

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I find it difficult to believe that Microsoft is retiring something like MS Access and leaving us with Powerapps and it's limited functionality. I have found the transition so difficult if I want to do anything above the most basic applications.  Something that'd be trivial in Access.



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Please, please, please Microsoft seriously consider this functionality. We need some way to create custom functions with VBA or even just being able to define functions created through the Power Apps formula bar would be extremely helpful. I struggle to build any event with any a sufficient number of steps/amount of complexity because it creates an absolute nightmare in the building, testing and debugging process. We need to be able to compartmentalize our structures better and not have to string together incredibly long and hard to read IF statements. The limitations of the looping processes available are also a huge problem. There are many projects I would love to consider with Power Apps, but have chosen other platforms because I cannot get around this inflexibility.

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 Based on the roadmap, Microsoft seems to be pushing out a similar version of this:


It's vague, so tough to know what it really is.

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Yes, this does sound vague, but certainly promising. Thank you for sharing it.

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There is a new kid on the Excel block: Lambda functions (still in preview, but!).
Since Canvas apps formulas are highly inspired by Excel it would be great to just migrate this functionality to Canvas Apps. 😉

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This feature was in 2020 Release Wave 2 and scheduled for March 2021.  What happened to the public preview?  I would like to be a part of it please!

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Components can be used for this to some degree, but it would be nice to have dedicated custom function functionality