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Current Office365 User should be expanded to return the groups the user belongs to

The Office365 User connection should be expanded to get  "myuser group(s)" that the user ( currently logged into the app) belongs to.  I know one can get it via Microsoft Graph (as noted in this blog ) but this is tedious and requires a lot of setup and configuration that seems overkill for trying to get just a list of groups.  Can this be added to the Office365 user connection, please?



Status: Under Review

Thank you for this idea. Adding @linhtran and @SameerCh to comment on roadmap feasibility.

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Agreed! I think this is a great idea to put this into the Office365 connector.

Especially for Role based Security!


Custom Connectors cannot be used if your organization has a DLP (Data Loss Protection Policy ) in place, , such as my employer does, SharePoint, SQL Server, Outlook, OneDrive and more are in the Business Only group. You cannot use a Custom Connector within your organization to access business data if it is in the Business Only Group because currently there is no way to add a Custom Connector to the DLP. 


If your app or Flow requires an Access Token be issued to it, such as when you call the Microsoft Graph API, your app is now considered a Custom Connector and cannot be used to connect to business related features if they are in the Business only group.

This is a much needed Security feature in a lot of scenarios.

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This would also be helpful for not requiring MS Azure for AD functions (graph API). Also allows our app developers to work without needing to need assistance from the AD team

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Another person here who would find this very valuable!

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Agreed. We have a number of business use cases that would benefit from this feature.
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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for this idea. Adding @linhtran and @SameerCh to comment on roadmap feasibility.

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Completely absurd that this is not included in Office 365 Users or Office 365 Groups. Ridiculous.

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I agree with above speakers, its unbeliveable its not already included.

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Be great to see this introduced with flow. The integration with existing tools are great so far, but this would really help with a self serve admin portal for our Power BI Service that we are looking to build.