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Custom API - with tabular capabilities

SQL Server, Sharepoint, Salesforce and CDS are managed connectors having 'tabular' capabilities.  This means these connectors light-up aditional PowerApps tooling at design-time for named entities such as 'choose table' pane when adding the datasource and the abilitiy to use as the datasource of a form control.  There is also additional abstraction which enables the tooling to map CRUD operations for entities.  


None for this is documented so developers cannot presently add 'tabular' capabilities to Custom API connectors.


We need the ability and guidance to create Custom API connectors having the additional abstraction needed to make PowerApps understand that the API has 'tabular' capabilities. 

Status: Under Review
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Any update on this team? I just wasted 2 days trying to understand why my custom API source wouldn't light up as a valid data source for use in a Display Forms until I found this post.


At the very least, maybe the "tutorials" which walk through configuring the custom API connectors should be very clear the built-in Form capabilities (which are one of the primary draw cards to the solution won't work) and that you need to manually create your own contexts and forms to achieve the same goals.





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any update on this feature?

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@archanan Three years now. Status update please. 

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@joshbooker Hmm... is this dejavu or are we back on a different Microsoft Low Code solution that isn't listening to it's community... this feels oddly familiar.