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Custom Composite Lookups (multi-relationship in 1 lookup)


MS Dynamics CRM has a few entities where it offers this functionality (for example customer on opportunity, partylist on email, regarding on activities).

It would be particularly handy if we could define these ourselves for use on any custom or system entity.

For example define a lookup on a custom entity which can contain multiple record types (like customer works) or define a party list on a custom entity and have it contain any system or custom record type (in line of how to/from works on email).

Status: Planned

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



 Srikumar Nair

PM, Microsoft 

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As nice as it would be to add custom multi-entity lookups, right now I'd settle for just being able to use existing ones in custom fields. For example, I'd like to make a field in a custom entity where the data type is Customer (i.e. the lookup on Account or Contact field type that we see throughout the System entities). Even that would be a great start.
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We are creating a solution with Dynamics 365 and would love to be able to add our own composite fields to handle so as to keep a consistent UI. Our customers need a 3rd address field on Accounts, Leads and Contacts. For some reason this exists on Contacts but not on Accounts and Leads. Being able to create our own composite fields is a great use of real estate as well as being a very pleasing and friendly UI to interact with.

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I agree this would be great. It would also likely satisfy what I came here to write, which is adding the ability to filter the party list to only allow specific entities. I'm currently doing this with


But that doesn't work on mobile and it isn't officially specified in the documentation. 

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define a party list on a custom entity and have it contain any system or custom record would be perfect

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Note that the possibility to add a "Customer"-field (pointing to either account or contact) has now been implemented in CRM 2016 SP1 (on-premise). So developers can now add the same type os field as on e.g. "Case".

That is at least one step in the right direction 🙂

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Any update on this?