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Custom Connector, Entity Property limitation of Swagger file - Postman Collection

To create a custom connector, we use OpenAPI (Swagger file) or Postman collection.

Before, there are not any limit of the number of property, but now, when we try to update our custom connector or to create a new one it gives an error : 

Erreur : « Critical : definitions/(EntityName) : The total number of schemas in the object exceeds the max schema count allowed value of '512'. Please remove any unnecessary property or item definitions.»

So, it will be better if you remove this limitation of the entity property number.

It doesn't make any sense to have this limit, for example our case we need all this property and we need also to add others, and i guess there will be others who will have the same problem.


Thank You

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I have the same error. Any updates here?

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Sorry, there is no update


In my case I had to create a new web API containing the new properties, so I use two custom connector