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Custom Picklists

Can we please have the ability to build customised picklists - and modify the default ones.

Status: Planned

Hi Graham!


We agree this is very important!  We're working on this now.  Will keep you posted 🙂


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Any update on this? I was really liking the look of PowerApps to move our companies order tracking system to but the lack of custom Picklists makes it completely unsuitable.


I'd think this would be a pretty basic feature to have!

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Hi BenClist,


The workaround is to create a new entity for your list, then use a relationship/lookup. That's what I have done so far and it works - a bit more cumbersome but at least you car reuse the entity for multiple lookups.

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I just wasted an hour because that's how long ti took me to create an entity but could not save it because of missing picklists. when i tried to create them, i found you cannot yet. and when i returned to Entities, my partially complete Incident was gone.


To make matters worse, i don't see anything in the Create Entity form that lets me "use a relationship/lookup."


At the moment, CDS is a non-starter. Oh well, back to SQL Server...

Power Apps

Hi mcorning,


We will be adding support for custom picklist soon.


For creating relationships you can create a new relation under the relationship tab.



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This is good very News as these are required everywhere and creating lookups is rather cumbersome.

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another problem with picklists,  I am trying to edit a field based on the results of  'Yes' being selected from a picklist on a field asking a question.  Where can I find an example of the proper way to do this. I have tried it a couple of ways and can't get the proper results.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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This is essential. Most forms require a "dropdown" of standardized values and custom picklists is a great way of implementing this feature in a way that can be quickly updated across apps.


At the moment two features for custom picklists would be nice:

1. Showing the picklist's "Display Name" instead of "Name" in the Powerapps dropdown

2. When applied as a filter, it'd be nice to be able to apply a boolean evaluation using "*" to evaluate all possible values of the picklist. When applied to context variables that are used to apply a filter, "*" as a value to evaluate a picklists against is very useful in order to return all picklist's values.

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Does this feature exist yet? It's currently explained in the help files but it doesn't work. When I click on Picklist, it takes me to the list of powerapps and ask me if i want to create an app. This is an essential feature. Please let me know if it can be done or not. Thank you.