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Custom PowerApps form always displayed in document library

In a SP list  when a custom form is present,  it is always shown. But in a SP document library the custom form is shown only when the user clicks 'edit all'.  This is confusing to the user and also there are 2 interfaces to the metadata at the same time. It would be much better when the behavior in a list and a library is the same.




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Kudo Kingpin

Please Microsoft, there are so many issues like this I can't even begin to list them all. I understand that advanced features are desirable to some users in some use cases, but there are so many times we can't even think about using SharePoint to streamline a process because we would just end up spending our time trying to explain how all these little idiosyncrasies are supposed to work (to a base of users who really don't care and use other systems that are simply intuitively discoverable).

Advocate II

A further issue that hobbles PowerApps forms in document libraries (particularly with PDFs), you need to open the library first, then open the document for the PowerApp custom form to display. 


While this is generally a normal workflow, it prevents direct links to the file from working (e.g. from an email).


You can test this by:

  1. open a pdf in a SharePoint doc lib, then open details pane.
  2. Copy URL to a new browser tab
  3. Open details pane, click Edit all.
  4. PowerApps form will fail to load
Regular Visitor

I've submitted a query to the forum regarding this but in addition I'd like to see an option where required metadata exists for files the PowerApps form opens automatically when a user drops a file into a library instead of the standard edit properties option which does open. This makes more sense as 'BartSchaap' suggests, why build a form in PowerApps if the only way to present it is via the standard SharePoint properties 'edit all' option.

My users already have their files created but are required to add them to a specific library. They are not familiar with custom fields or editing properties but the PowerApps form can be more user friendly and make the process appear easier.