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Custom PowerApps form always displayed in document library

In a SP list  when a custom form is present,  it is always shown. But in a SP document library the custom form is shown only when the user clicks 'edit all'.  This is confusing to the user and also there are 2 interfaces to the metadata at the same time. It would be much better when the behavior in a list and a library is the same.




Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

Please Microsoft, there are so many issues like this I can't even begin to list them all. I understand that advanced features are desirable to some users in some use cases, but there are so many times we can't even think about using SharePoint to streamline a process because we would just end up spending our time trying to explain how all these little idiosyncrasies are supposed to work (to a base of users who really don't care and use other systems that are simply intuitively discoverable).