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Custom Themes: JSON file

I've been reading some ideas around Custom Themes with style sheets and stuff. However, I have not seen ideas leveraging a JSON file. Power BI already allows the import of a JSON file to define a custom theme. It would be very useful if we could upload the same JSON file to PowerApps and that way keep consistency among Power BI and PowerApps, especially when embedding one into the other.

Status: Under Review
Level 8

Hello - I fully agree that this is required.

Specifically when developing several apps for a company, this would greatly help with branding rather than having to specify colors all over again for every new app.

Flow Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On

I would love for PowerApps to give 3rd party Access or have a kiosk mode where anyone can use it with just one time login and does not sign out 

Level 8

I would like to modify the suggested approach by requesting that you use the same Theme Generator technique/tools as used by SharePoint

Flow Staff

Adding @Emma to add comments on the roadmap for themes. For details on the most recent release enhancements, please see here:


Thank you,


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@Audrie-MSFTthe link you added is broken Smiley Embarassed

Flow Staff

I updated it for you. Thank you.

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Would really like to be able to have the ability to add a custom theme onetime to PowerApps instead of having to tweak many elements with each app. Hope this functionality is coming soon.