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Custom and All fields from Dynamics Business Central Connector

The current Business Central connector is just painful to use, only a handful of standard fields come through on each entity and there are no custom fields or entities at all.

I take a recent quote from a community lead and pro dev "The BC integration is poor, the BC connector is poor. Nothing is exposed and you can't change it at all. All we needed was if am invoice had been paid. Cost us 25k to build a custom integration just for this one thing. The whole thing is poor." Which I think sums up the current state of affairs.

Business  Central on the Power Platform would just be amazing, but if the connector only allows for the most basic of apps to be built then those possibilities are closed to almost all.

We really need all the fields returned by the connector, including custom fields and images!

Otherwise, the statement that "Power Platform is the first place you go to extend Microsoft products" will need to be suffixed with "Apart from Business Central"

Status: New