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Custom connectors needs to handle No Content 204


Custom connectors needs the ability to handle No Content 204. 

It was reported here almost a year ago but is still not possible today so please fix it asap 🙂

No Content 204 is a standard implementation in a lot of APIs, including Microsofts own like graph.




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@JonatanV : I created an API that always returns a 204 response. I was able to use it in the Custom Connector. I was also able to run the Test Connection and the call succeeded, as expected. 

I then used it in a flow and things worked fine. 
I am not able to understand exactly where you are facing this issue. Let me know how to repro and then I can help get it resolved. Else, I will mark the issue as fixed. 

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I am also facing this issue.


Scenario: I am using Custom API connector which returns a Json string with response code 200 if data present in target environment. But if no data present in target, API returns blank response with status code 204 which is causing the issue "Data type mismatch".


@Rohit_msft  In your scenario, you have designed Custom connector in such a way that it always expects 204 response so it's working but the issue comes when Custom connector designed to get JSON object and it recieves blank response.