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Custom control framework support for Canvas Apps

Hi everybody, 

there are some limitations of the standard controls in Canvas Apps (example: Radius properties are only available on text inputs not on combobox inputs) and in some cases you have do work with some "ugly stuff" to create something like a treeview control (it is possible but not that beautiful from a developer perspective). 


So I would like to suggest to make the custom control framework ( also available fot PowerApps Canvas and not only ModelDriven. 


With this we could really create a bunch of new cool apps and there could be a "marketplace" to share new custom controls with each other. 

Status: Completed

Already in experimental preview ;

Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

This is already work in progress and will be made available for preview in this semester. 

For more details please see the session recording from MBAS summit here.



Super User

Hi @jiwanovski,

Here's the link to the video explaining that PCF will soon be available for canvas apps as well (looking forward to it as well Smiley Wink):


Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed

Already in experimental preview ;