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Custom themes

OOT PowerApps has some themes but it's impossible to adapt the colors or to create one.. that could be a good idea

Status: Planned

This feature is on our roadmap but has been delayed.  It is expected after October 2020.

Frequent Visitor

Will this idea include the app Icon color?  I love that you can upload your own icon for branding and theme, yet the colors don't match OUR colors, at least, can we have a WHITE background?  So we can use OUR logo / brand / icon to not have it be OFF BRAND if possible!?

Frequent Visitor

@FilipK How will this new thing be different from the Theme Editor you have on Github?

Frequent Visitor

I set a variable on start: Set( MyColor, RGBA(Whatever)) 

Frequent Visitor

Any updates on this feature?

Advocate I

We do agree that theming feature fix the need for customized logo, however would it be great to have an app specific logo instead of one theme & logo on your instance. That would ensure we can host multiple apps under the same instance with different branding information by enabling one theme per app. Thoughts?